Monday, January 28, 2008

Moody sewing machine....but I straightened her out!

Welp, I was having trouble with my sewing machine, but after a few good kicks she's straightened out! Just kidding, no kicking! :) I think it's the scariest thing when my sewing machine breaks because I can't work without it! It's the equivalent of our car not working and my husband not being able to get to work.

Ok...maybe it's not ~that~ serious, but still! I had in my mind that I wanted to get 15-20 wet bags done and my sewing machine broke at 10...I was completely bummed. Anywho, I showed it some love and it started working again! I guess I have been working it too hard lately!

So, I want to know which fabrics you would like to see back again for wet bags? I can't keep ordering brand new stuff from the internet, it gets too pricey. But the fabric store here in town has offered to buy me a lot of the fabrics I've been using, so I'd like to use a lot of those for a while. Which fabrics do you guys like best? Is there any fabrics that you like that I haven't used yet? If so, find a picture on the internet and post the link for me here on this blog and I'll go check it out and maybe use it as a surprise fabric for the week!

Also, a new thing up on my HC is the onsies-into-t-shirts. I've just gotten tired of onsies not fitting over ds cloth diapers, so I've just started cutting them and hemming (not surging) them.

Another thing I wanted to mention. I've seen a lot of people making wet bags with matching handles and adding frilly bows and ribbons. The reason I do ~not~ do those is because #1 the handles made out of the same cotton fabric as the bag is not as strong as the handles I use for my bag! #2 the frills and ribbons, etc. are not as dryer friendly and probably won't last as long, or at least look as nice as long as my bags without the ribbons and frills.

Anyways! Thank you for reading my blog! You ladies rock!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My first blog! Please read!

Hey everyone!
Thank you if you are actually reading my blog! I figured since my name is sort of starting to get out there that maybe I should start a blog!

If I was to promise to update this daily with new information and specials, how many of you would regularly check my blog? I don't want to be writing in her just to be talking to myself, ya know?

If you'd read it regularly, will you leave me a comment? Just so I know if I should continue? Thanks so much!