Friday, August 28, 2009

PUL update!


My update is that there is no update!!

I'm so frustrated with my pul wholesaler at the moment. I've been calling all day trying to get ahold of someone. I've left two messages, and am about to leave a 3rd. I want to hear back from them before the weekend.

I guess with no PUL I can try to get creative and learn how to make other things! I was thinking maybe some wallets? a dress for my daughter? Any other ideas?

I'm just inching so bad to get my PUL. I have customs waiting to be done, my store is almost empty, I'm part of congo's that I need to stock for. Who new that fabric could get me so stressed?! lol

Maybe the Lord just wants me to relax? He is in control, isn't He? Maybe I need to focus on something else while waiting on my PUL.

Hmm...I'm starting to think blogging is kind of therapeutic <~~did I spell that right?

Anywho, I better go! Just updating about my nonupdated situation!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another PUL update/rant

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to keep you all in "the know" about the PUL situation!

I got a call back first thing tuesday morning from the company I order from. The lady said that they've been getting a lot of calls saying with people thinking that their 2 mil is 1 mil. So she asked me to send in a sample. She explained that depending on where the milling process starts on my roll, some yards might be milled "tighter" than other giving the feel of 1 mil. So I got off the phone thinking "Oh! That could be it!" so I went and felt the roll again. There is just *no way* that is 2 mil. So I mailed off a small sample to them this morning.

I'm going to call them tomorrow morning and see if she will have a roll ready to send off to me as soon as they see it's 1 mil. I'm super duper anxious to get the PUL. I feel like my hands are tied!

I've gone through all my "scraps" (aka pieces of PUL that's I've taken a cut from and just never came back to b/c of laziness) and got as many bags as I could from them. I completed 3 custom orders- 1 of which was very big. So hopefully when I do get the PUL back in, I will still be ahead of the game, or very close to it at least!

Anyways, I had a few bags made for my guest stocking over at Avant-Garde ( Go take a look! There's a few things left!

Here's a kitchen wet bag that I stocked:

And here's an unpaper towels/wet bag set:

If you read, please let me know! It will encourage me to keep posting and even hold some "specials".



Friday, August 21, 2009

PUL delay!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for taking the minute to come over here to read my blog!

I have been so blessed with all the orders that have been coming in and although I've had a waiting period, I've been able to keep up with it all!

Two weeks ago, I noticed I was starting to run low on my PUL, so I called in an order and it got here the same day I used the last of my other roll. Perfect timing, right?!

Well, not really! They sent me 1 mil PUL instead of 2 mil. 1 mil is considerably a lot thinner so I refuse to use it for my wet bags. So I called the company and the lady I need to speak with is out of town until Tuesday. Once I speak with her, it'll be another 2 or 3 days until the new PUL arrives.

This sets me back about a week on all my orders.

If this causes a problem for you. Please email me and I will try my best to figure something out.

I do have some small PUL pieces in a bin that I set to the side. I'm normally too lazy to go back and get a small piece, but some of them are large enough for a medium bag or some smaller bags. So if you have an order for some smaller bags, your order may not be effected by this delay.

If I'm able to get to your order, you'll get a email from paypal for your shipping label letting you know that your package is going out.

Again, I am SO SO sorry for the delay! Let me know if you have any concerns what so ever!

I will try to keep you updated here on my blog as to how the customs are coming and how the PUL is coming also, so if you can, bookmark this for updates! :)

Thanks so much for understanding!