Friday, August 28, 2009

PUL update!


My update is that there is no update!!

I'm so frustrated with my pul wholesaler at the moment. I've been calling all day trying to get ahold of someone. I've left two messages, and am about to leave a 3rd. I want to hear back from them before the weekend.

I guess with no PUL I can try to get creative and learn how to make other things! I was thinking maybe some wallets? a dress for my daughter? Any other ideas?

I'm just inching so bad to get my PUL. I have customs waiting to be done, my store is almost empty, I'm part of congo's that I need to stock for. Who new that fabric could get me so stressed?! lol

Maybe the Lord just wants me to relax? He is in control, isn't He? Maybe I need to focus on something else while waiting on my PUL.

Hmm...I'm starting to think blogging is kind of therapeutic <~~did I spell that right?

Anywho, I better go! Just updating about my nonupdated situation!

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