Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello blog world that I've completely neglected!

I decided that our progress of gardening may be a good place to start up again!

For the longest time I've felt a need to be more self sufficient. We're not anywhere near "tin foil hat" people, or doomsday, but we think it's wise and even healthy to be able to grow our own food.

We recently had gotten our yard fenced in and I (had my husband) immediately went right to work tilling the ground. That evening after tilling a good friend told us about this place called Back to Eden. They have a video about how he gardens and how he brings it back to the natural way of doing things. Google it, it's really an amazing watch! It totally changed our perspective on how we were going to garden. It was a God-send!

Anyways, here are some picture of our progress:

Right after the land was tilled:

We raked out the grass (this used to be completely filled with grass) and then tilled a second time and raked out the grass again. It was really a lot of work getting all the grass out, and to be honest, there's still some there that we're removing as we plant.

We then went on our quest of fresh mulch around our town. No one mulchs their stuff! They just send it to the dump! I was able to call a place about 45 minutes from us and they had a compost/mulch/fertilizer/top soil mixture that was only $15 a truck load. So we recruited our neighbor to drive up there with my husband to pick some up.

Here's my smokin-hot husband shoveling the smelly stuff off the truck:

Next we spread it out over the garden and raked it in just a little (this is a crappy cell picture, sorry, but you get the idea):

We then put up a fence to keep the kids and puppies out and started planting our garden. We are SO far from being finished, however, this is where we are at this current moment:

These 3 mini rows are watermelon. We would have made longer rows but found out that particular part is clay and clay is like solid rock to dig through, so we have called that part our "dead zone" and have figured that putting our potted plants there is a good alternative since the kids and puppies have loved messing with them.

Our tomato's, and there's a dirt row right next to it where hopefully green beans will start growing (seeds):

On the other side of the tomato's and green beans is our row of strawberries:

I'm out of mulch (the redish stuff around the plants), so I'll plant more stuff tonight once we get more mulch. 

I'll update more as we go. Let me know what you think. Be easy on us, it's our first garden.

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Courtney said...

Yay! So glad to see you're back to blogging. :D
Your garden looks great.