Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting focused!

For a while, I prided myself with being a mom, a housekeeper, a wife, a business woman, a friend, etc. My inlaws would say "wow Heather! We're so proud of you! We don't know how you do it with 3 kids and your business!" and they would just rave! My response would be, "Yeah, I don't know how I do it either!"

I didn't realize the reality of what I was saying though until just recently! I truly don't know how I was doing it! I was stressed, tired, grumpy, lethargic. I was being a bad wife, a bad housekeeper, a bad mother. Then last saturday I got together with some awesome Godly christian women and we were pouring our hearts out to each other. What our daily struggles were, what the Lord was teaching us, etc and the Lord really opened my eyes to the fact that SOMETHING had to change!

I didn't have my priorities right! I wasn't honoring the blessing and responsibilities that the Lord has given me! The Lord has given me Loving Touch Wet Bags. He's given me the ability and talent to make these gorgeous top quality bags, but it's all NOTHING if it comes before my family! It's NOTHING if I'm not honoring the Lord with it! I thought I was honoring the Lord! I was quick to give Him the glory for the success. I tithed off of everything I made, but none of it was any good if I put it before my family.

My first obligation, my first priority should be the Lord and my family. If ANYTHING else is before those two, I'm not honoring God.

So, with all that said, I'm finishing up with a big coop and a last few customs that are already paid for, and I will be closing for customs and just sewing when I can to make instock wet bags. Occasionally I will stock custom spots, but I will no longer be taking hundreds of custom orders. It stressed me out to much and because of the huge demand, I was placing my business before my family and I can no longer do that anymore.

I will still be stocking bags on my site ( and on the congo's I'm part of, I'm just no longer taking custom orders. Please continue to support me though through buying instock items. I will take requests for fabrics, I just can't promise how quickly they'll be up on the store.

I will announce here on my blog and also on my facebook (Lovingtouch Wetbags) when I will be stocking those few custom spots.

Anyways, tonight while sewing for the coop order, I decided to bring my laptop in by me and listen to some worship music and later on a teaching. I have found that sewing in complete silence isn't good for me. For some reason my mind tends to twell on things that bother me, or "what if's" when I'm sewing in silence, so I've decided to set my mind on things above, things that glorify Jesus which is why I chose to listen to worship music and teachings.

Well, tonight I started off with a song from Jesus Culture and then decided to listen to some teaching. Mike Bickle is the only teacher that came to mind that I've heard of in the past, and He was speaking about having One Focus, being focused on your intimacy with God, and when that's happening, everything else falls into place! When your focussing on your intimacy with Christ, it overflows into your relationships, it overflows into your home, it gives you the desire to reach out to the lost!

Not only did I get some work done tonight, but I was also able to get encourage and edified!

Here are the links (two parts to it) to the video's incase you're interested in listening!
Part 1:

Part 2:

Anyways, if you read, let me know! Just post a note or something! :) Thanks!


Courtney said...

{{{hugs}}} I've BEEN in your shoes!! I am so much more at peace after lessening the work load and focusing on being the keeper of my home rather than achieving success in business. Praying that you will be sensitive to the Spirit's leading in reassigning your priorities and sticking to them. Your family is truly blessed to have a wife/mother/friend with the humility to say she can't do it all.

Jennifer T. said...

This is very encouraging...about getting priorities straight. Congrats on a successful business by the way. Look forward to seeing you soon. :)

wombfruit said...

Hey girl, you know I'm there right now! Still learning to walk in submission to God in all of this WAHM stuff....but I'm glad to be on this journey together with you! :) So glad you'll be taking a breather/a long break in J-ville! Say hi to Jennifer for me!! Love ya!