Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Milk Saver Giveaway!!

I'd like to start off saying, if you're a male, you don't want to read this...just trust me!

All through nursing my 3 kids, I've always hated wasting the milk that came out on the opposite side I was nursing from. Whenever the child would get the "let down" the other side would also leak. Sometimes not very much, but enough for me to wonder how much milk I would be able to save if I was to get a bottle or something to collect it! I never did get a bottle. I guess just the thought of how funny it would look for me to be nursing a baby on one side and holding a bottle on the other.

A few weeks ago, I received a newsletter from a store I shop with a lot online www.Mom4Life.com. They were advertising The Milk Saver. So out of curiosity I went and checked it out. I was SO excited to see that this is the type of thing I've been dreaming about and it's so discreet! So I'm determined that I NEED this item! Since it was $25 (with always free shipping from that store) I decided to wait and ask my husband if I could purchase it, and to my surprise, he gave me to go ahead!

The week that I received I was suppose to  be going out of town on saturday all day to do a farmers market in another town, so I knew that I was going to need to be pumping so my youngest daughter would have milk to drink while I was gone. I hate pumping. I do, I HATE it! Who has time to pump with you have 3 young kids running around? So when I got the milk saver, I washed it and the  very next time I nursed my daughter I put the milk saver in the opposite side. I was SO surprised to see that I had saved 1/2oz to 1 oz of milk. 

My milk supply is pretty leveled out now that my daughter is 8 months old, so I was pretty proud of that 1/2oz!! So what I did for the rest of the day is that I put that first 1/2 oz in a milk storage bag in the frig and then next time I nursed, I would collect the milk and put that milk in a bottle- you can't combine milk until it's the same temperature it can ruin the nutritional value. Then I put the milk in the bottle in the frig. The next time I nursed, I used the milk saver, then I combined the milk from the bottle to the storage milk bag since they were both the same temperature and then washed the bottle out, dried it, and then put the new milk from my recent nursing into that bottle. Do you see the pattern? By the end of the day, I had about 3 1/2- 4 oz saved! 

Every morning I was able to get a lot of milk being that she sleeps through the night. I would get at least 1-2 oz's in a morning feeding!

Anyways, I HIGHLY recommend this to *any* nursing moms! It's a nice easy way of saving your milk, saving you time, and saving you on nursing pads!!

I am SO SO SO excited to announce that I have spoken with a lady named Helen from Milkies Milk Savers and she has offered to send to you for FREE a milk saver AND a breastfeeding advocacy shirt!! I'm so excited that someone gets to try this for free!!

If you would like to be entered to win, please "follow" my blog, and leave a comment here with your email address and your fondest breastfeeding moment (just b/c I'm so in love with nursing and would love to hear everyones stories lol). Easy enough?

This will end November 1st to give people plenty of time to enter and tell their friends about it!

For more awesome information about the milk saver or nursing, check out the Milkies website!


Jenn said...

I am following your blog. ,dan_jenn_senior@sbcglobal.net
My fondest breastfeeding moment .. their are so many but it was awesome to be able to nurse my second son in the delivery room since my first was early and had to be taken to the NICU . That was awesome !

Christina said...

I'm following you... tina120981 @ aol dot com..I don't have a nursing moment as we don't have any LO's yet but my BFF is going to we her little boy arrives in November

Jessie said...

I am going to comment first and then I will go and follow you :)

My fondest story is with my middle daughter. When I had my oldest I could just never get bf'ing to work for us. I ended up pumping for a year instead. When #2 came along I was determined. Violet wasn't a pro in the beginning and it took a ton of repositioning to get a feeding in. I felt like I was sweating from stress so much. Finally on her 3rd night we were at home and it just all clicked. With her with me - everything. I remember knowing at that moment it was all good and we didn't look back for almost 2 years. Lucky for me my little 3rd girl latched on 10 minutes after birth and we have been going strong every since. I will have to check back just to read these stories :)

Unknown said...

After jaundice, lazy nursing, latch issues and several bouts of mastitis I had my last nursing session with my son at 3 months old. For the next year I would be exclusively pumping. I cradled him in my arms and never took my eyes off of him the whole time. It was the best and saddest thing I have ever done.


Eveland said...

I am also following your blog...how fun!! I have lots of fond BFing moments, but my favorite was when my LO was five weeks old. She was awake while nursing, I looked down and smiled at her, and she smiled back for the first time. When she did, she lost her latch and milk went everywhere! I'll never forget that big milky grin though!

Eveland said...

Oops, forgot my e-mail! wleveland@gmail.com

Talitha said...

I love it when I'm nursing in the middle of the night and sometimes I will tell him I love you buddy, and sometimes he will say a very very sleepy "love you too mama"

So sweet!

Cheryl said...

I'm following you. My email is cereal5273(at)sbcglobal(dot)net. One of the best memories is when my first son was born when I fed him the first time, he ate and ate and ate. He nursed for a good 40 minutes, which seemed like a long time for a brand new baby, but I loved bonding with him like that right away. :)

B 4 Birth said...

Hi Heather! I am following you...emilyabohannon@gmail.com. I have been nursing for 8 months now and it has been more difficult and painful than enjoyable, BUT I do have some very enjoyable moments. One is when Asher was very tiney and used to stroke my arm gently while nursing. Another time, I wasn't paying attention and he "latched on" to my belly causing me to jerk back and laugh. He thought it was hilarious and giggled histerically too :-)

Jessie said...

I'm Jessica (jessievinson@gmail.com) and I'm following you now! I love your wetbags by the way.

My fondest bf'ing moment is the first time my DS smiled at me and milk dribbled out the side of him mouth. MELT MY HEART!

myglorylife said...

So one of my fondest memories I have it of our first unassisted homebirth- baby number 5- Josh. Right after Josh was born he was alert and aware and smelling. I had never seen an infant smell like he was. Turning and looking and smelling. As I pulled him to my breast he sniffed and sniffed even more and turned and lached on super good! And as he nursed you could tell he was still smelling. It was so neat to be there as he discovered his world!

Kimberly said...

My email is MamaSparklebug@gmail.com. When my little guy was born we were threatened and coerced by the hospital to supplement him with formula, although he was doing great and had no real need for it. As soon as we got home with him I quit supplementing and nursed around the clock. My milk came in that same day and he starting gaining weight like crazy. It was amazingly liberating and made me incredibly proud to know that my instincts as a mother were correct and that I was providing for him exactly as I was designed to. It felt incredible!

Unknown said...

Following the blog, email is jamierae77@gmail.com.
I only recently even HEARD of the milksaver... what a neat invention. I could only wish I had it 8 years ago with my ds or from the beginning (4 months ago) with my dd.

My fave memories of nursing are those times when my babies were just crabby and fussy and uncomfortable... nothing would soothe them... except comfort nursing. They would latch on and their little eyes would flutter and they just bliss out off to dreamland. There's nothing like being able to soothe them like that.

Unknown said...

I'm following!

della330 at yahoo dot com

My fondest -- well, not really -- breastfeeding moment: I tried and tried and tried to BF for 2 weeks after my daughter was born, then found out when she was re-admitted to the hospital for "failure to thrive" that I'm medically unable to produce any breastmilk. My little girl was nearly starving to death! The LC was so supportive of me, along with all the nurses in the hospital, and they all said they've never seen anyone try to make it work as much as I did.

I'm sad that my little girl is on formula, but I'm determined to try BFing for our next child(ren) -- praying it works! And if not, and if I'd happen to win this, I know lots of girls who would love to have this for a baby shower gift!

Courtney said...


I have held a bottle under the other side. *blush* This product would DEFINITELY be better than that!

With this baby, #3, I have had so many great moments. My other two kids refused to nurse after a couple months so I spent a year hooked up to a pump. Not.fun. I love bedtime the most. Laying next to my little girl, stroking her hair while she hums and and pats me and touches my face. So sweet. I fall in love with her over and over again.

Christy said...

What a great idea! I leak like crazy (and hate pumping) so I'm sure I'd collect quite a bit of milk too. I don't if I have an all time favorite moment, but nursing my two girls has given me so many little moments to treasure - the sleepy milk face, the soft stroking my arm as they nurse, Lucy loved to play with my hair while she nursed, nursing at night when everyone else was asleep and it was just me and the baby snuggling... I'm looking forward to nursing my new baby in Jan! Thanks for a great giveaway.

Stacey said...

I'm now following too! I didn't realize you had a blog, but I see you around Diaper Swappers now and again :)

As for breastfeeding memories... I have to be honest with you and say that this morning I woke up thinking about nursing hell... the first few weeks of nursing both of my children. I'm expecting our third, and desperately hoping that this time will be different! For me, I'd rather go through giving birth again, than go through the first few weeks with a new baby. And now I will go hide myself, because I'm sure everyone out there thinks I'm a horrible person for saying this :(

I don't have any especially fond memories, as my son was a very impatient nursling, and my daughter never did anything in particular that stand out to me.

Susy said...

I have soo many fond memories. One of my fondest memories are everytime he strokes my stomach as he's feeding. And reading some of the comments above reminded me of a time when he also "latched" onto my stomach. It was soo funny! I love the bond we share.

Unknown said...

I'm following Email addy is angelami4@yahoo.com I'm preparing to BF DD#2 due in 20 days! I BF'd DD#1 part-time because we had latch issues which left me with supply issues. It was a rough 6 months and I really want this BF'ing with DD#2 to go better. Probably my best memory was when we found out about the silicone contact nipple shields from Medela...it allowed us to BF successfully those 6 months even with supply issues. I never was able to get up to a full-time supply but I felt much better knowing I was able to BF DD1 at least part time using the nipple shield!

Mrs. H said...

I'm now a "follower" :) My first embarrassing moment as a new mom was leaking ALL over myself as I had to take my 1 wk newborn in for her hearing to be retested. Needless to say that appt. took a long time and my milk would not wait!
My fondest moment of nursing was just when I didn't have to "share" my newborn with anyone else - that private time together was such a gift.
I'm expecting another in a month and look forward to our nursing time together and would be very interested in this product!

Adrienne said...

I just became a follower :)
As for my fondest memory...I have many! I now have a 4 month old, a two year old and a teenager so I'll go with my most recent. I just went back to work three days a week. Two days I am a massage therapist and the 3rd I do insurance billing. When I do billing I can bring my two youngest to work. This past Friday I was busy working and being a mom when my co-worker stopped and said said I wish I had a camera. Not realizing what I was doing I stopped to figure out what she was talking about. I was sitting there doing billing on the computer with a boppy on my lap nursing my baby, who was giving me that smiling while nursing grin I love so much, and drawing Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba with my foot to keep my 2 year old happy. Now that's multi-tasking.

Alice Waarvik said...

My email is cwaarvik@yahoo.com

My fondest memory of nursing is with my youngest daughter Molly. Her first "real" smile was while I was nursing her! I remember looking into those precious eyes and just smiling and was so surprised when she smiled back! She had a grip still but her mouth was open and milk was pouring out both sides! HAHAHA! What a wonderful moment.

Mommy L said...

My fondest memory is when trying, unsuccessfully, to wean my son I kept telling him "you can have a little bit but then we have to stop." He ended up asking for "a bit??" whenever he wanted to nurse. We ended up continuing much longer than I intended.

JayneDough said...

Follower! My favorite memory isn't a specific time, but when my son would nurse and look up at me and smile and let out a little giggle/sigh and just look so happy and sweet. MELTED my heart every time.

JayneDough said...

Sorry, I just posted Jaynedough, my email address is gracefulmaggster@gmail.com

Crystal said...

Following! capnfahlyss@yahoo.com
Hopefully this won't disqualify me, but I have yet to breastfeed. I am expecting my first child, a girl, November 26 and am so excited for everything to come! I am definitely going to breastfeed, and am just hoping that there aren't any complications that I run into in the process!

Amy said...

Oh, I have so many from nursing my first child. One of the best, though, was the first time I was able to breastfeed her. We'd had a crash c-section and both of us nearly died. I was under general anesthesia for the fastest c/s they'd ever performed at that hospital.

I didn't get to meet my daughter for several hours after her birth, so it was quite a few hours after things had calmed down that I was able to finally hold and try to breastfeed her. I was so relieved and grateful that she latched on well and just sat there in tears, so thankful that after coming so close to total heartbreak, my body was nourishing my child the way it was designed to.

(amyckeffer AT yahoo DOT com)

Anonymous said...

Hi, my email is ssjane @ aol(dot)com

My daughter was born at 34 weeks and spent the 1st 3 weeks of her life in the NICU during which time I pumped around the clock. I continued to for another 2 weeks after she came home until I couldn't take it anymore! We went to see a LC who was able to help her get latched on and we never looked back, which was such a miracle after 5 straight weeks of drinking from a bottle. Now at 2 she is still a nursling and we're expecting her little brother or sister in December. I cannot wait to use the Milk Saver, if I don't win it I will definitely be buying one at Mom 4 Life.

lily joy said...

I have so many with three girls.. I remember nursing my first who wasn't able to nurse till a few hours after birth, she latched right on!! (even though they gave her a bottle.

My favorite times now are when my youngest unlatches and still has a little milk on the corners of her chin. I think it's the cutest thing

my e mail is joy7s422@gmail.com

Unknown said...

My daughter was born and entered into the NICU and was severly jaundiced and I would say that those few days brought us closer, the doctors wanted to suppliment and she actually went on a strike for breastfeeding. I would say that was an amazing moment when we finally were able to breastfeed no interuptions or weighing.

I also love that when we co sleep she just turns towards me when she's hungry, and pulls on my shirt. Somehow half asleep I am able to wake up and know she is hungry.