Monday, October 19, 2009

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Giveaway!

The other day I posted about how I used coconut oil in my recipe instead of regular vegetable oil and I got to wondering if they would allow me to host a giveaway so some of my awesome readers could get a chance to win this awesome stuff! So I emailed them and they were very quick to get back to me and offer a FREE quart of their Coconut Oil (retails for $37.50 + shipping) to a lucky winner!

You will need to:

#1 Subscribe to my blog
#2 Join their mailing list:
#3 And leave me a comment with your email address and something nice to say ;)

As my kids are growing up and I have the responsibility of providing healthy food and environment, finding things like the coconut oil gets me so excited! Not only is it healthier than any other oil, but it makes the food taste SO good! 

You can do more research on the oil if you like and find out all the health benefits for yourself! Here's also a video for you to watch if you're interested in the way the coconut oil is made!

Also, here's a great link for some great recipes to use your coconut oil with (although I just replace the vegetable oil and butter in recipes with the coconut oil ).

Just a small disclaimer, Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I chose so.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. I really do love the product and would love for you guys to try it out too!!

Tropical Traditions also offers a complimentary copy of the Virgin Coconut Oil book with your first order by taking part in their referral program. Whenever you're checking out, just add 5610816 to the "How did you hear about us- Refer a friend" box. Does that make sense? lol

I will choose a winner November 8th!

Also! Don't forgot to enter the milk saver giveaway:

Anyways! Happy Giveaways!


Christina said...

I love coconut oil I use it all the time....This would great I go thru a pint so quickly =)

Jenette said...

Yum! Sign me up :)

Aimee said...

I love coconut oil!

As Chuck and I mentioned the other day, baking is just the beginning! It's great on veggies that you would normally "candy" such as carrots and sweet potatoes and is a flavorful oil for cooking stir fry.

Courtney said...

I would love to win some coconut oil! I was so excited when I first found it. It's great to be able to make things just a bit healthier for my growing family.

AngieJ said...

yum!!!! Thats great u are doing this

pjay5 said...

How nice of you to offer some yummy coconut oil! I would love to win! Thanks so much! :)))

Anonymous said...

I have had coconut oil sitting around my house for some time now, not really knowing what to do with it. Thanks for the inspiration, I am going to try making your banana bread muffins right now!

Unknown said...

Love, love, love coconut oil. I am getting low! I subscribe to their newsletter . . . follow you. . . and think you are talented with the sewing machine! Thanks!

Michelle said...

Aw what a wonderful offer! I Love your soaps! They smell so awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome love love love coconut oil here! 2ould love to win ty for doing this!

Jenn said...

oh awesome giveaway :) love your stuff :) thanks