Monday, February 15, 2010

So sappy!

Yeah....I've been sappy and emotional the past few days!

2 out of 3 of my wonderful children turned a year older! Nora's first birthday was friday and Joelle's 4th birthday is today!

I just can't believe how time flies! I can remember the day they both were born! I remember the events leading up to it, I remember seeing their beautiful faces for the first time! It just baffles me that for Joelle that was 4 years ago, and for Nora it's been a year already!

We had a small birthday party for them this weekend. My sister came down to visit and my inlaws came over also!

Oh! Get this! We got SNOW in south GA...SNOW! It was so wonderful to see! I haven't seen snow fall in close to 10 years! I felt like a kid again, all rejuvenated and dancing around in the snow! It was wonderful!

Welp, I guess I don't have too much interesting to say today! I do have another giveaway coming up soon! So keep your eyes open!


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